Friday, May 10, 2013

My Ordinary Girl 13


 This is really rated but part of my story sorry please minors don’t read this ok
This is actually my 1st  attempt writing such wahhh I don’t know if I understand it correctly when I read one book on how its done LOL just forgive me readers....
“Am *hic* I not preeety for chuuuu?” she pouted making the guy bit his lips.

“Don’t say I didn’t warn you!” he moved back again but the girl went closer to him. “Devon!”

“No regret James,” she smiled. “I really need you tonight. Please…”

James’s balled hands quickly loosened and little did he know he came running towards her pushing her against the wall crashing his lips on hers. He’s been wanting to do this since their last kiss. He knows deep down he’s feeling something but his stubborn self kept denying it. That part of him didn’t want to acknowledge that he’s slowly falling for her.

Devon wrapped her arms around James’s waist feeling his warmth she had long for. .
James grabbed both of her legs making the girl wrapped them around his torso and slowly they moved in the bedroom where the patio is opened letting the cool breeze in. Even the open door couldn’t cool their hot temperature nothing can since lust had beaten them.

James  dropped themselves on the bed still locked in a passionate kiss. Devon couldn’t help but love the way James’s lips and tongue savor every part of her mouth.

“Devon,” he broke their kiss as he give her feathery kisses along her face and jaw line. “If you don’t stop me now, I won’t back down.”

“Then don’t,” she said grabbing a fistful of James’s hair feeling something unusual forming in her stomach. It felt so good that everything she’s worried about disappeared.

“Mmmm,” she moaned unconsciously feeling his lips on her neck sucking on her soft flesh. Her hands slowly let go of James’s hair moving her touches down to his back. “I want you…” she said making James’s lust double. The girl tried lifting his tank making the guy stop his penetration and did what the girl wanted.

In one go, his top was pulled off allowing the girl to see his upper body. Her stomach felt the butterflies seeing such sight. Then her hands slowly crept into his abdomen making the guy shut his eyes feeling her small soft hands caressing his tone stomach.

Once she felt satisfied, she lifted herself a bit to capture the guy’s lips which he didn’t ignore as he responded right away. His body slowly hovered over her moving a slow rhythm making the girl feel his growing needs.

“Mmmhmmm,” she moaned feeling something hard poking her covered sex. “Please.” She begged feeling something unusual forming in her body and a part of her wanted it.

James’s lips left Devon’s lips savoring her neck for the last time as he made his way lower meeting her covered bosoms for the first time. She arched her back feeling his warm cavern ravishing on her covered breast. Her hands went back on James’s hair taking a fistful of it pulling them as she feels different feelings.

His hand slowly pulled her bra down, revealing one of the peaks and quickly his mouth devour it earning more moans from the girl. Somehow she loved the way how JAmes kisses, licks and sucks on her erected nipple making her needs grow. Then his other hand massaged her other peak giving her so much pleasure. Once he got done with one breast, he went to the other savoring it like a hungry baby. When the girl arched her back, he was able to unhook her bra in one go releasing them bosom off their trap revealing her upper body fully on him.

After giving her breast some pleasure, his feathery kisses went lower making the girl grip tighter on the cover. Somehow she didn’t want to stop even though her right conscious wanted her too.

“Oh god,” she moaned feeling James’s lips on her covered folds making her go nuts. She wiggled lightly feeling something forming in her stomach as the guy tease her below.

Her eyes snapped open as the guy pulled her last garment. “It’s now or never Dee,” he said holding on to her last garment.

“Please, I want you,” she said and the guy eyed the girl. “I really do.”

James leaned forward meeting her lips and slowly she took a quick breath in as his fingers graze over her wet folds. His forefinger outlining her folds while his middle finger tease her hole. Then little did she know his middle finger is in her pumping in and out slowly making her lose control. He pulled away from the kiss as he wanted to hear the girl moan for more.

He’s aware of his situation right now, but a part of him didn’t want to stop. He wanted her too and now that they’re doing it he made a vow of not regretting it. Even if it meant for one time only. For some reason James wanted this moment with her.

“Oh James please!” she moaned loudly as the guy added another digit into her pumping in and out slowly. Then his thumb would circle around her harden nub making her feel something forming in her inner muscles.

James felt her edge about to come as her inner muscles tightened around his fingers. And anytime soon the girl would come in his hand. He wanted her to feel it making sure it will wake her up from her state to prevent even more damage. He hopes that’s how Devon would see it.

“MmmJames oh gosh!” she yelled releasing everything in his hand. Her chest heave heavily as she tried to catch her breath from that feeling she never once felt.

And just when James was about to leave to head to the bathroom, Devon pulled him. “I really want you,” she said making the guy nervous. His plan didn’t work so well seeing Devon’s lust worst. How can I say no to that? “Please, James,” she said, “I just want to feel it for once.”

“Devon, I don’t want you to make…” he got cut off by Devon’s hand.

“For once forget about her,” she pulled him closer for their lips to meet. “And do me.”

James cupped the girl’s cheek putting them into another kiss. This time he let his hesitation go letting his needs go through. Whether he’ll regret it or not didn’t matter since Devon is right for once he wanted to feel something that he had longed for she’s his fiancé anyway.

He gently placed her down on the bed hovering over her again. Devons’s hand slowly glided down James’s side towards his buckled jeans. Her small hands fumbled through his buckle making the guy broke the kiss.

Devon watch the guy undo his pants revealing his black boxer-brief which made her hotter in the inside. For some odd reason she wanted to undress him now and just do it. She wanted to know what it’s like to be a complete woman.

“What are you doing?” she asked as the guy fumble through the drawer.

“I’m looking for condoms,” he said making the girl blush. James took note of her redness since the light from the moon illuminated her face so clearly.

“I’m on pills,” she lied making the guy relax. He pulled away from the drawer and gently pulled Devon’s face for him to see.

“Are you really sure?” he asked this time serious.

“I am,” she said pecking on his lips. “I want it all James.”” I want it all just before I retreat from this games bulong nito sa sarili”

He gently placed a kiss on her lips and pulled back to look at her if she’s really there. If he was dreaming for sure he didn’t want to wake up. “It’s going to hurt, but I’ll be gentle.”

“I know,” she caressed his face. “I can’t wait.”

James sigh for the last time as he prepares himself for a sin. A sin he vowed that he won’t regret and whatever happened the next morning didn’t matter to him at all.

Once he got rid of his last garment, Devon couldn’t help but feel shy seeing one for the first time. And James found her so cute being so shy all of a sudden.

“Look at me,” he said which the girl followed. And slowly he took his hard shaft, pushing it slowly in her slick cavern. He paused a bit whenever he would see her pained face and there he’d give her a gentle kiss. Then he’d continue his penetration until he was able to break through her barriers.

“Ugh!” Devon moaned painfully feeling his member fully in her. Somehow she felt something different in her body.

And once she’s fully used to it, James started his slow rhythm watching every expression Devon made. Her once pained face turned into a pleasurable one allowing him to increase his pace. She ended up pulling Jiyong closely to her as she felt a new feeling that she can’t deny she like.

“Hmmm,” James groaned feeling how tight she is. His shaft is sure enjoying the pleasure of a fresh flesh. But it’s not about that it’s the feeling his heart is rejoicing at.

He pulled Devon closer to him as his pace grew stronger and faster. His face buried deep in Devon’s neck while the girl held tightly on his back grazing her nails over his sweaty skin. She didn’t care anymore if her moan grew louder. She’s felt good and that’s all that mattered to her.

“Oh James!” she would moan his name. “I think…” she felt the same feeling she had when James was teasing her with his fingers. Her inner muscles contracted around James’s erection making the guy groan in pleasure.

“Hmm Devon that’s it,” he would moan near her ear. His push got faster and harder feeling his edge about to come.

Devon held on him tightly feeling something hot in her body and as James pushed harder and deeper the heat she’s feeling came exploding releasing her everything in his shaft. James on the other pushed harder feeling her muscles around his member tighten.

“Ugh!” James groaned as he released his seeds in her womb mixing them with her release. James push a little bit more releasing the rest of his seeds and feeling satisfied he dropped himself on top of Devon hugging her tightly.

Devon on the other felt a tear drop in the corner of her eyes feeling all kinds of emotions. And for that night all she needed was his warmth, the warmth she had long for.


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