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My Ordinary Girl 14

Devon woke up earlier than expected, feeling sore and all, she look at the hand that wraps around her waist and hugging her tightly, she wanted to believe that everything would be ok after giving her purity but her sane mind contradict, slowly she untangled her body from the warmth that James is giving, limping she showered and cry her hearts out..she let go the tears that she’s been keeping after realizations hit her that what happened last night was just lust for James side since she provoked him, tempt him, seduce him..she gave herself to the man that he will surely love for the rest of her lives but will never love her back for his heart has its owner already his ordinary girl...

After crying , she make herself presentable, she just have to do something before she decides..she discretely packed her things it is good that she hasn’t totally unpacked all her luggages ..if she leaves  now, if things won’t go in her way, she’ll make sure to not leave a single trace in his apartment for him to live normally just like when she’s still not existing his world.

She was at the sofa sipping her black coffe, which she’s not used w/ but at this point in time she mostly needed when James passed as if on a hurry w/o noticing her , until she called for him..
James” she whispered, but loud enough for him to look her way and smile
Good morning babe” he uttered but didn’t tried to stop on what he’s planning to do...
Do you love me now?” she asked looking directly at James who stops but never looked back
Silly..Im on a hurry ...” that’s all he said after grabbing his keys he walked out his door, happy and excited ,but he unnoticedly Devon’s sullen face w/ the last word he uttered before going out..
Yeah silly me”she can’t cry she has to move fast before he comes back and have the chance to hurt her more..but whatever happens no regrets..after taking calls she moved out from his turning back, w/ heavy and aching heart yes, but still no regrets...

He was happy to go home, after meeting w/ the detective he hurried back home for he misses her already, ordinary girl or not she’s Devon and he loves her,he was confused but after what happened last night and waking up in the morning w/o her this morning feels weird, so he hurried to meet the detective for he wants to know and thank the ordinary girl..he was confused but what happened last night erase all the confusion  he loves her, but what he discover this morning shocked him but gives warmth and gladness in his heart..his heart knows of what his eyes did not believe ...Devon is his ordinary girl ,His Devon..
Babe..babe..Devon.Babe..” he was frantically shouting excited to see her, hug her..kiss her...but no answer..his whole unit felt empty, hollow and he didn’t like what his mind is telling him.. he hurried to their now room ..look for any trace of her, but it seems that everything w/ her was just a dream..even her vanilla strawberry smell that he loves to smell was gone..he limply seated on his bed..taking whatever remaining trace of her...when his eyes caught the pink paper w/ his name written on it... he nervously take it, not wanting to open it for he is afraid to read what his mind is telling him...but still he opens it..

     I know it’s not yet two months, but hey you see I’ve lost the deal already...before it even started you already won, I just take my time to be w/ you and hope for the best that you’ll fall for me enough to never let me go..but you didn’t right..yeah it’s silly of me..anyway..just what we’ve talked, I’ve cancelled the wedding already, don’t worry they won’t blame you..everything is now back to normal for you I can now continue to chase your ordinary girl w/o me to think for me well..I’ll move on...

                                                                                                                                          but your not mine
                                                                                                                                         Silly Girl,hardly ordinary

James couldn’t breath..its been hours since he finished reading but, he’s still looking at her letter, the only trace of object that would prove that she was not a dream, a figment of his imagination, but he’s a jerk..all this while he didn’t notice how she was suffering , how he was hurting her....he was still in his trance when his phone signals, he abruptly answered it, hoping it was Devon..
Babe.. where are you?” he asked in panicked..
Lo?...” after knowing it was not Devon..he cried...
Please lolo me...don’t let the wedding be off..I love her Lo..bring her back to me ,she’s missing”
What do you mean she’s missing”
She left me lo..she’s missing” crying like a kid..
Calm down iho, she’s not missing, she just returned home, I am actually on the way to their place to have dinner and I am asking you to go there as well” unknown to James Devon told everything to his lolo..even to his parents..

Ah cliffy much..and its been a decade I guess since I last updated I don’t know if someone is still waiting to read my updates kekkeke mianhe..

the next chapter will be I don't know I just open my lappy  and found out that I have this chap already so I posted it right away...

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My Ordinary Girl 13


 This is really rated but part of my story sorry please minors don’t read this ok
This is actually my 1st  attempt writing such wahhh I don’t know if I understand it correctly when I read one book on how its done LOL just forgive me readers....
“Am *hic* I not preeety for chuuuu?” she pouted making the guy bit his lips.

“Don’t say I didn’t warn you!” he moved back again but the girl went closer to him. “Devon!”

“No regret James,” she smiled. “I really need you tonight. Please…”

James’s balled hands quickly loosened and little did he know he came running towards her pushing her against the wall crashing his lips on hers. He’s been wanting to do this since their last kiss. He knows deep down he’s feeling something but his stubborn self kept denying it. That part of him didn’t want to acknowledge that he’s slowly falling for her.

Devon wrapped her arms around James’s waist feeling his warmth she had long for. .
James grabbed both of her legs making the girl wrapped them around his torso and slowly they moved in the bedroom where the patio is opened letting the cool breeze in. Even the open door couldn’t cool their hot temperature nothing can since lust had beaten them.

James  dropped themselves on the bed still locked in a passionate kiss. Devon couldn’t help but love the way James’s lips and tongue savor every part of her mouth.

“Devon,” he broke their kiss as he give her feathery kisses along her face and jaw line. “If you don’t stop me now, I won’t back down.”

“Then don’t,” she said grabbing a fistful of James’s hair feeling something unusual forming in her stomach. It felt so good that everything she’s worried about disappeared.

“Mmmm,” she moaned unconsciously feeling his lips on her neck sucking on her soft flesh. Her hands slowly let go of James’s hair moving her touches down to his back. “I want you…” she said making James’s lust double. The girl tried lifting his tank making the guy stop his penetration and did what the girl wanted.

In one go, his top was pulled off allowing the girl to see his upper body. Her stomach felt the butterflies seeing such sight. Then her hands slowly crept into his abdomen making the guy shut his eyes feeling her small soft hands caressing his tone stomach.

Once she felt satisfied, she lifted herself a bit to capture the guy’s lips which he didn’t ignore as he responded right away. His body slowly hovered over her moving a slow rhythm making the girl feel his growing needs.

“Mmmhmmm,” she moaned feeling something hard poking her covered sex. “Please.” She begged feeling something unusual forming in her body and a part of her wanted it.

James’s lips left Devon’s lips savoring her neck for the last time as he made his way lower meeting her covered bosoms for the first time. She arched her back feeling his warm cavern ravishing on her covered breast. Her hands went back on James’s hair taking a fistful of it pulling them as she feels different feelings.

His hand slowly pulled her bra down, revealing one of the peaks and quickly his mouth devour it earning more moans from the girl. Somehow she loved the way how JAmes kisses, licks and sucks on her erected nipple making her needs grow. Then his other hand massaged her other peak giving her so much pleasure. Once he got done with one breast, he went to the other savoring it like a hungry baby. When the girl arched her back, he was able to unhook her bra in one go releasing them bosom off their trap revealing her upper body fully on him.

After giving her breast some pleasure, his feathery kisses went lower making the girl grip tighter on the cover. Somehow she didn’t want to stop even though her right conscious wanted her too.

“Oh god,” she moaned feeling James’s lips on her covered folds making her go nuts. She wiggled lightly feeling something forming in her stomach as the guy tease her below.

Her eyes snapped open as the guy pulled her last garment. “It’s now or never Dee,” he said holding on to her last garment.

“Please, I want you,” she said and the guy eyed the girl. “I really do.”

James leaned forward meeting her lips and slowly she took a quick breath in as his fingers graze over her wet folds. His forefinger outlining her folds while his middle finger tease her hole. Then little did she know his middle finger is in her pumping in and out slowly making her lose control. He pulled away from the kiss as he wanted to hear the girl moan for more.

He’s aware of his situation right now, but a part of him didn’t want to stop. He wanted her too and now that they’re doing it he made a vow of not regretting it. Even if it meant for one time only. For some reason James wanted this moment with her.

“Oh James please!” she moaned loudly as the guy added another digit into her pumping in and out slowly. Then his thumb would circle around her harden nub making her feel something forming in her inner muscles.

James felt her edge about to come as her inner muscles tightened around his fingers. And anytime soon the girl would come in his hand. He wanted her to feel it making sure it will wake her up from her state to prevent even more damage. He hopes that’s how Devon would see it.

“MmmJames oh gosh!” she yelled releasing everything in his hand. Her chest heave heavily as she tried to catch her breath from that feeling she never once felt.

And just when James was about to leave to head to the bathroom, Devon pulled him. “I really want you,” she said making the guy nervous. His plan didn’t work so well seeing Devon’s lust worst. How can I say no to that? “Please, James,” she said, “I just want to feel it for once.”

“Devon, I don’t want you to make…” he got cut off by Devon’s hand.

“For once forget about her,” she pulled him closer for their lips to meet. “And do me.”

James cupped the girl’s cheek putting them into another kiss. This time he let his hesitation go letting his needs go through. Whether he’ll regret it or not didn’t matter since Devon is right for once he wanted to feel something that he had longed for she’s his fiancé anyway.

He gently placed her down on the bed hovering over her again. Devons’s hand slowly glided down James’s side towards his buckled jeans. Her small hands fumbled through his buckle making the guy broke the kiss.

Devon watch the guy undo his pants revealing his black boxer-brief which made her hotter in the inside. For some odd reason she wanted to undress him now and just do it. She wanted to know what it’s like to be a complete woman.

“What are you doing?” she asked as the guy fumble through the drawer.

“I’m looking for condoms,” he said making the girl blush. James took note of her redness since the light from the moon illuminated her face so clearly.

“I’m on pills,” she lied making the guy relax. He pulled away from the drawer and gently pulled Devon’s face for him to see.

“Are you really sure?” he asked this time serious.

“I am,” she said pecking on his lips. “I want it all James.”” I want it all just before I retreat from this games bulong nito sa sarili”

He gently placed a kiss on her lips and pulled back to look at her if she’s really there. If he was dreaming for sure he didn’t want to wake up. “It’s going to hurt, but I’ll be gentle.”

“I know,” she caressed his face. “I can’t wait.”

James sigh for the last time as he prepares himself for a sin. A sin he vowed that he won’t regret and whatever happened the next morning didn’t matter to him at all.

Once he got rid of his last garment, Devon couldn’t help but feel shy seeing one for the first time. And James found her so cute being so shy all of a sudden.

“Look at me,” he said which the girl followed. And slowly he took his hard shaft, pushing it slowly in her slick cavern. He paused a bit whenever he would see her pained face and there he’d give her a gentle kiss. Then he’d continue his penetration until he was able to break through her barriers.

“Ugh!” Devon moaned painfully feeling his member fully in her. Somehow she felt something different in her body.

And once she’s fully used to it, James started his slow rhythm watching every expression Devon made. Her once pained face turned into a pleasurable one allowing him to increase his pace. She ended up pulling Jiyong closely to her as she felt a new feeling that she can’t deny she like.

“Hmmm,” James groaned feeling how tight she is. His shaft is sure enjoying the pleasure of a fresh flesh. But it’s not about that it’s the feeling his heart is rejoicing at.

He pulled Devon closer to him as his pace grew stronger and faster. His face buried deep in Devon’s neck while the girl held tightly on his back grazing her nails over his sweaty skin. She didn’t care anymore if her moan grew louder. She’s felt good and that’s all that mattered to her.

“Oh James!” she would moan his name. “I think…” she felt the same feeling she had when James was teasing her with his fingers. Her inner muscles contracted around James’s erection making the guy groan in pleasure.

“Hmm Devon that’s it,” he would moan near her ear. His push got faster and harder feeling his edge about to come.

Devon held on him tightly feeling something hot in her body and as James pushed harder and deeper the heat she’s feeling came exploding releasing her everything in his shaft. James on the other pushed harder feeling her muscles around his member tighten.

“Ugh!” James groaned as he released his seeds in her womb mixing them with her release. James push a little bit more releasing the rest of his seeds and feeling satisfied he dropped himself on top of Devon hugging her tightly.

Devon on the other felt a tear drop in the corner of her eyes feeling all kinds of emotions. And for that night all she needed was his warmth, the warmth she had long for.

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My Ordinary Girl 12

 3rd week( Drunk)

The days passed w/ teasing( well more on kissing) both have a smile on their faces one wanted to lose for Devon it is to really make him fall for her and never let her go..but James just never wanted to end it..he loves seeing her blushing face everytime he kissed her..he loves seeing her annoyed face knowing that he scored again...

They were cuddling on their bed when James’s phone rang..and just like that left her on the bed wondering..but still felt giddy..

She can’t still believe it, that they were doing great..that cuddling, kissing is just normal thing to them though they still compete of whose who...she was so happy w/ that thought and decided to look for James since he isn’t coming back into his room now theirs...

She found him @ the library but not alone..she’s about to enter when she was stop by what she heard..

James: really you found my ordinary girl? Bakas sa boses nito ang kasiyahan..

Detective: yes Mr. Reid but I forgot to bring the file w/ me..would it be ok if I send it to your e-mail

James: yes yes.. no problem

Devon knew that she really lost the bet..just hearing the excitement of his voice..killed her..w/o anyone’s notice she climbed back to his room took her car key..and drove off broken...

While James was happy ...he really wanted to know his ordinary girl ..and he will introduce Devon and let her know that someone is making him smile and he can smile now freely just like what she wanted then when she just popped while he was reading his newspaper...

It was already late and he never found Devon even at their mansion...she was practically missing..he even called her on her mobile but it was off...he’s getting worried already

 “Pabo [Fool]” she murmured tossing her phone back in her bag. She waited still watching if Jamed had arrive.

A part of her told her to go home, but she didn’t listen as she let her drunken state rule. For once she wanted to break free from all the hurt her life has been and now that she could feel it she let it all go.

She took her last beer chugging it in one go, she didn’t mind if her throat burned to the sensation. All that matter to her is to forget her so called life for now...inlove yet broken..

She smiled seeing her prospect entered his home and so she gathered her last courage up and walked towards his place. Devon is clueless to what she’s doing, but her heart felt so delighted.

With one last drink of her beer, she tossed the bottle aside preparing to knock on his door. And when she didn’t get a response she felt irritated knocking on his door more and more. She didn’t care if she’ll create a scene she wanted his attention.

The door slowly opened and she felt something burn in her seeing the man in a tank only, “Devon? Where have you been?” he called her name so preciously making her even lighter than she already feels.

“James!” she cheerfully called his name tossing her arms on his neck. “Hmm I miss you.”

“Devon you’re drunk,” she heard him say but Devon insisted shaking her head to tell him he is wrong.

“I’m not drunk,” Devon giggled feeling his hands in her back tickling her lightly. “I am*hic* so*hic*ber…” she went on giggling.

“Devon,” James sternly called but Devon just ignored as her lips glided over his jaw as she try to pull herself up.

“I love *hic* when *hic* you call*hic* my naamme…” she smiled as she wrap her arms around his neck. “I *hic* want chuuuu*hic* so badlyyyy…”

And once her blurry vision somewhat cleared up she finally saw James’s face fully and little did she know she pulled his face closer to hers meeting his lips on her. She felt the guy protest, but Devon insisted feeling something in his kiss.

When James responded she found herself stuck, unable to protest as she felt content to what she’s feeling. Being in his arms and his lips sealed on hers made her feel something different she hasn’t felt.

“Devon,” he pulled her away making the girl shake her head. “Stop this, you’re drunk.”

“Stop saying I’m drunk!” Devon tried to show James she’s sober when really she’s not. “I’m *hic* fine… thank you *hic* very much!”

 “Devon, this is wrong,” he moved back but Devon moved closer. “Devon…”

“James…” she pouted making the guy nervous. “Please, just *hic* this once *hic* can you stoooop…”

“Devon, if you don’t stop this now,” he warned hoping to get the girl to understand after all he is man with needs. “I won’t dare stop myself. I’m a man with needs!”

“I knoooow…” she giggle moving forward. “And I…I’m a *hic* wooooman in needs tooooo.”

“Devon!” he sternly called making the girl giggle.

“Please,” she opened her arms for him to take. James looked at her and her eyes filled with nothing but lust and sadness. “Please James… I need you, *hic* I’m not drunk at all… I’m just *hic* like this outside but I’m sober *hic*… I know what *hic* I’m doing…”

James’s eyes widen as Devon started pulling her dress down. He felt something twitch beneath his pants letting him know what this girl is doing to him “Devon!” he yelled but the girl went on until she’s down to her last garments. He gulp seeing how beautiful she is wearing her white lace garments.

aigooo I don't know what I am writing just abide in me this is how it flows in my head...well tell me hmm something rated for next chap?I mean would like me to continue putting something PG in this story kekke...tell me ok..thank you

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My Ordinary Girl 11

Day 14th  could it be he’s jealous?

The couple arrived at the party w/ a heavy heart they sure looked good together heavenly even..
But James was and is against the idea of attending the reunion her maternal sides its as if they don’t met often to held such expensive reunion..while Devon was just dragged and never liking it a bit since she’s not a party girl..she knows that she have to since it’s her part to play being the fiancé..but she’s afraid to have more ties and be attached more to his family having the thought of losing the bet in the end..and it will hurt and be hard on her more..

They were having a quiet  dinner when someone approach them

James Dude”

 it was Ivan, James closest cousin an opposite of what James character is..knowing that his cousin is in a bad mood and curious of who his fiancé is..just freely go to there side only to be shocked...


 skocked was obvious not only on his face but as well on his voice...

And at this point James bad mood meter is heating up...not that he knows why but he’s not liking the idea that someone is calling his fiancé w/ a pet name..he just nod his head..not having the manner of introducing the two..he need not to, since the moment Devon heard the pet name only one person who really called her that..she right away jumped from her sit and hugged him..

Ayveeeennnn” bakas sa tinig nito ang excitemet at saya na makitang muli ang huli..

And James couldn’t believe what his eyes is seeing...

What the... she’s flirting w/ my cousin..she’s supposed to make me fall for her...” bulong nito sa sarili w/ a frown forming on his face” I thought she’s not happy to attend, and make me feel guilty of dragging her here but look she’s busy flirting w/ my cousin and forgetting that I am here her FIANCE  got that her FIANCE..the flirt..”bulong ulit nito sa sarili at madilim na ang mukha dahil sa senaryong nagaganap sa harapan niya..

And Devon was oblivious of the forming dark aura coming from James..and continuously having an exciting reunion w/ her best college buddy..they were really best buddy that the people back then thought they were an item...that all the girls who had a thing on Ivan killed her many times in their dreams..but can’t do anything in real life since she’s not one of those fragile ladies who needs support for them to stand..she’s different even if she practically have everything like a real princess..

But Ivan was and is not oblivious w/ the Dark aura directing to them coming from his cousin who is possessive of what’s his..he just can’t believe that he will be just as possessive w/ Devon since he knew that he hated his fiancé..not really hate to the extent but the girl hurt his male ego when she ran away ..well well well let’s see if my assumption is true..Bulong nito sa sarili..sabay akmang hahalikan sa pisngi ang dalaga ngunit nakatuon ang mga mata sa pinsan na tila tigre na handing kumatay ng tao isang maling kilos lang..and bingo...

James Felt panic when he saw that Ivan will kiss his fiancé yes his fiancé..and just like a thunder he was already beside Devon, a hand on waist grabbing her possessively on her side that I guess even wind would feel ashamed to pass because of a distance he insist to let it not exist sabay halik sa dalaga sa mga labi nito...

Babe I didn’t know you knew my cousin”saad nito matapos halikan ang dalaga

While Devon couldn’t utter a single word because of shocked and just nod still looking at James...

And James seeing Devon’s reaction, put a smirk and kissed her again now fully, taunting her to respond..and she did..both not wanting to end it if only Ivan didn’t faked cough for them to know that he’s there...
James put a victorious smile knowing that he won this time..not the bet but w/ Ivan..its a first that he thought of him as a rival..

But Devon understand it differently”arghhh I can’t lose to him I have to get even” bulong nito sa sarili..and kissed James passionately this time both really forget Ivan and just kissed to their hearts content..

Ivan couldn’t believe but relieve and happy that his two most preicious people is inlove and so into each other..that’s what he thought and what he see..but its only him..coz Devon obviously knew her feelings for James but oblivious to James ‘s changes and actions..but James is absolutely oblivious even w// his own feelings.

sorry for the late has been ages I know my apology been busy and lots of issues to dealt w//

but to my ever loyal reader who never ceases on waiting this is for you and Atty as promised here is the update..just lame though