Friday, April 19, 2013

My Ordinary Girl 12

 3rd week( Drunk)

The days passed w/ teasing( well more on kissing) both have a smile on their faces one wanted to lose for Devon it is to really make him fall for her and never let her go..but James just never wanted to end it..he loves seeing her blushing face everytime he kissed her..he loves seeing her annoyed face knowing that he scored again...

They were cuddling on their bed when James’s phone rang..and just like that left her on the bed wondering..but still felt giddy..

She can’t still believe it, that they were doing great..that cuddling, kissing is just normal thing to them though they still compete of whose who...she was so happy w/ that thought and decided to look for James since he isn’t coming back into his room now theirs...

She found him @ the library but not alone..she’s about to enter when she was stop by what she heard..

James: really you found my ordinary girl? Bakas sa boses nito ang kasiyahan..

Detective: yes Mr. Reid but I forgot to bring the file w/ me..would it be ok if I send it to your e-mail

James: yes yes.. no problem

Devon knew that she really lost the bet..just hearing the excitement of his voice..killed her..w/o anyone’s notice she climbed back to his room took her car key..and drove off broken...

While James was happy ...he really wanted to know his ordinary girl ..and he will introduce Devon and let her know that someone is making him smile and he can smile now freely just like what she wanted then when she just popped while he was reading his newspaper...

It was already late and he never found Devon even at their mansion...she was practically missing..he even called her on her mobile but it was off...he’s getting worried already

 “Pabo [Fool]” she murmured tossing her phone back in her bag. She waited still watching if Jamed had arrive.

A part of her told her to go home, but she didn’t listen as she let her drunken state rule. For once she wanted to break free from all the hurt her life has been and now that she could feel it she let it all go.

She took her last beer chugging it in one go, she didn’t mind if her throat burned to the sensation. All that matter to her is to forget her so called life for now...inlove yet broken..

She smiled seeing her prospect entered his home and so she gathered her last courage up and walked towards his place. Devon is clueless to what she’s doing, but her heart felt so delighted.

With one last drink of her beer, she tossed the bottle aside preparing to knock on his door. And when she didn’t get a response she felt irritated knocking on his door more and more. She didn’t care if she’ll create a scene she wanted his attention.

The door slowly opened and she felt something burn in her seeing the man in a tank only, “Devon? Where have you been?” he called her name so preciously making her even lighter than she already feels.

“James!” she cheerfully called his name tossing her arms on his neck. “Hmm I miss you.”

“Devon you’re drunk,” she heard him say but Devon insisted shaking her head to tell him he is wrong.

“I’m not drunk,” Devon giggled feeling his hands in her back tickling her lightly. “I am*hic* so*hic*ber…” she went on giggling.

“Devon,” James sternly called but Devon just ignored as her lips glided over his jaw as she try to pull herself up.

“I love *hic* when *hic* you call*hic* my naamme…” she smiled as she wrap her arms around his neck. “I *hic* want chuuuu*hic* so badlyyyy…”

And once her blurry vision somewhat cleared up she finally saw James’s face fully and little did she know she pulled his face closer to hers meeting his lips on her. She felt the guy protest, but Devon insisted feeling something in his kiss.

When James responded she found herself stuck, unable to protest as she felt content to what she’s feeling. Being in his arms and his lips sealed on hers made her feel something different she hasn’t felt.

“Devon,” he pulled her away making the girl shake her head. “Stop this, you’re drunk.”

“Stop saying I’m drunk!” Devon tried to show James she’s sober when really she’s not. “I’m *hic* fine… thank you *hic* very much!”

 “Devon, this is wrong,” he moved back but Devon moved closer. “Devon…”

“James…” she pouted making the guy nervous. “Please, just *hic* this once *hic* can you stoooop…”

“Devon, if you don’t stop this now,” he warned hoping to get the girl to understand after all he is man with needs. “I won’t dare stop myself. I’m a man with needs!”

“I knoooow…” she giggle moving forward. “And I…I’m a *hic* wooooman in needs tooooo.”

“Devon!” he sternly called making the girl giggle.

“Please,” she opened her arms for him to take. James looked at her and her eyes filled with nothing but lust and sadness. “Please James… I need you, *hic* I’m not drunk at all… I’m just *hic* like this outside but I’m sober *hic*… I know what *hic* I’m doing…”

James’s eyes widen as Devon started pulling her dress down. He felt something twitch beneath his pants letting him know what this girl is doing to him “Devon!” he yelled but the girl went on until she’s down to her last garments. He gulp seeing how beautiful she is wearing her white lace garments.

aigooo I don't know what I am writing just abide in me this is how it flows in my head...well tell me hmm something rated for next chap?I mean would like me to continue putting something PG in this story kekke...tell me ok..thank you

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  1. hehehe for me, oks lang kasi matured na ako kaso may mga readers kang bata...wag na cguro mag-details kung pano nila ginawa hehehe basta nangyari nalang na hehehehe...

    nweiz, thank's for the update...ganda ng story...

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