Saturday, May 2, 2015

My Ordinary Girl 14

Devon woke up earlier than expected, feeling sore and all, she look at the hand that wraps around her waist and hugging her tightly, she wanted to believe that everything would be ok after giving her purity but her sane mind contradict, slowly she untangled her body from the warmth that James is giving, limping she showered and cry her hearts out..she let go the tears that she’s been keeping after realizations hit her that what happened last night was just lust for James side since she provoked him, tempt him, seduce him..she gave herself to the man that he will surely love for the rest of her lives but will never love her back for his heart has its owner already his ordinary girl...

After crying , she make herself presentable, she just have to do something before she decides..she discretely packed her things it is good that she hasn’t totally unpacked all her luggages ..if she leaves  now, if things won’t go in her way, she’ll make sure to not leave a single trace in his apartment for him to live normally just like when she’s still not existing his world.

She was at the sofa sipping her black coffe, which she’s not used w/ but at this point in time she mostly needed when James passed as if on a hurry w/o noticing her , until she called for him..
James” she whispered, but loud enough for him to look her way and smile
Good morning babe” he uttered but didn’t tried to stop on what he’s planning to do...
Do you love me now?” she asked looking directly at James who stops but never looked back
Silly..Im on a hurry ...” that’s all he said after grabbing his keys he walked out his door, happy and excited ,but he unnoticedly Devon’s sullen face w/ the last word he uttered before going out..
Yeah silly me”she can’t cry she has to move fast before he comes back and have the chance to hurt her more..but whatever happens no regrets..after taking calls she moved out from his turning back, w/ heavy and aching heart yes, but still no regrets...

He was happy to go home, after meeting w/ the detective he hurried back home for he misses her already, ordinary girl or not she’s Devon and he loves her,he was confused but after what happened last night and waking up in the morning w/o her this morning feels weird, so he hurried to meet the detective for he wants to know and thank the ordinary girl..he was confused but what happened last night erase all the confusion  he loves her, but what he discover this morning shocked him but gives warmth and gladness in his heart..his heart knows of what his eyes did not believe ...Devon is his ordinary girl ,His Devon..
Babe..babe..Devon.Babe..” he was frantically shouting excited to see her, hug her..kiss her...but no answer..his whole unit felt empty, hollow and he didn’t like what his mind is telling him.. he hurried to their now room ..look for any trace of her, but it seems that everything w/ her was just a dream..even her vanilla strawberry smell that he loves to smell was gone..he limply seated on his bed..taking whatever remaining trace of her...when his eyes caught the pink paper w/ his name written on it... he nervously take it, not wanting to open it for he is afraid to read what his mind is telling him...but still he opens it..

     I know it’s not yet two months, but hey you see I’ve lost the deal already...before it even started you already won, I just take my time to be w/ you and hope for the best that you’ll fall for me enough to never let me go..but you didn’t right..yeah it’s silly of me..anyway..just what we’ve talked, I’ve cancelled the wedding already, don’t worry they won’t blame you..everything is now back to normal for you I can now continue to chase your ordinary girl w/o me to think for me well..I’ll move on...

                                                                                                                                          but your not mine
                                                                                                                                         Silly Girl,hardly ordinary

James couldn’t breath..its been hours since he finished reading but, he’s still looking at her letter, the only trace of object that would prove that she was not a dream, a figment of his imagination, but he’s a jerk..all this while he didn’t notice how she was suffering , how he was hurting her....he was still in his trance when his phone signals, he abruptly answered it, hoping it was Devon..
Babe.. where are you?” he asked in panicked..
Lo?...” after knowing it was not Devon..he cried...
Please lolo me...don’t let the wedding be off..I love her Lo..bring her back to me ,she’s missing”
What do you mean she’s missing”
She left me lo..she’s missing” crying like a kid..
Calm down iho, she’s not missing, she just returned home, I am actually on the way to their place to have dinner and I am asking you to go there as well” unknown to James Devon told everything to his lolo..even to his parents..

Ah cliffy much..and its been a decade I guess since I last updated I don’t know if someone is still waiting to read my updates kekkeke mianhe..

the next chapter will be I don't know I just open my lappy  and found out that I have this chap already so I posted it right away...


  1. Yes im still reading it... will u finish it even of its just me reading it... please

  2. Yes im still reading it... will u finish it even of its just me reading it... please

  3. Very nice story... visit also very nice story in there too but some of the other stories are not finished maybe because the author thinks no one will read her stories